Name Price
Vinyasa Classes 8 GBP Buy
Mysore Classes 12 GBP Buy
Intro to Ashtanga - 6 Week Course 48 GBP Buy
Monthly Workshops 25 GBP Buy
Ayurvedic Massage - 1 Hour 35 GBP Buy


* Please note: The validity of a pass is 4 weeks. A longer validity might be displayed below because the classes will officially commence on 13th September.



No flat rate concessions offered as I prefer to work with students circumstances individually. Therefore if someone is struggling financially and would like to commit to classes we can work on a plan according to your own circumstances.

This does require a commitment from the student to attend regular classes not for just a drop in once a month. Please remember in yoga we work with on the basis of satya and asteya, truthfulness and non greed.

I therefore trust students to be honest about their circumstances. If needed, please feel free to email me for more information.

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